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View Our 2020 fee guideNew patients of the practice may join our Dental Care Plan following their initial examination. Our Dental Care Plan helps you to budget for routine dental maintenance and membership entitles you to a 20% discount off other fees.

The dentist will advise you which plan is appropriate for you according to your clinical need. For a monthly membership fee, we will undertake to provide routine examinations, hygiene visits, routine x-ray pictures and 1 assessment appointment during our usual working hours per year. The standard plan which includes 2 examinations and 2 hygiene visits costs £19.27 per month. Other plans are available.

Your first visit to the Practice will be a 40-minute thorough examination. At this visit you will asked for your personal details and a full medical history will be taken. The dentist will examine your mouth looking at

  • Teeth, fillings, crowns & bridges and dentures, if you have them
  • Jaw movement and function
  • Gum health screening
  • Soft tissue examination (oral cancer screen)
  • Face and neck examination for lumps and bumps

The fee for this all-inclusive first visit is £83.30.

All our patients are given an itemised estimate of treatment costs before any appointments are booked, and you will have an opportunity to discuss alternative treatments at the time of your examination.

If the treatment is likely to be complex, or there are several items you wish to discuss, we will ask you to return for a separate Treatment Planning and Discussion appointment. There is a charge for this service but it is important that you understand what your dental care will involve, what choices you have and how much to budget for.

Children's Care Plan

We believe that children deserve extra special care to ensure they grow up cavity free, and for this reason we have a Care Plan for children too. We see them 3 times a year and encourage them to develop a programme with every technique currently available to protect their teeth.

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